Location: Airport Klatovy CZ (LKKT)  is located in Czech Republic, 40 km south of Plzen. 

GPS: N 49°24’,8 
E 013°19,1

Airplanes: We have a fleet of fixed wing airplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons available for your use.

Accomodation: On the airfield accomodation for 60 persons is available, hotels in town are 5 minutes driving time away.

Facilities: Since decades we visited dropzones and schools around the world, the efficient mix of the best was built in Klatovy's ATTC.

You demand,  we offer: Let us know your requirement, we tailor a perfect matching offer, which will exeed your expectations.



Contact and Informations 
Thomas Lewetz 

+43.664.338 6666

Test our facilities at the opening Jan 8-9 th in Klatovy.


Aviation & Tactical Training Center (ATTC) is a full-service facility open to all organizations.

Mission statement: We exceed all expectations of our clients.

ATTC is located on the south side of Klatovy Airport in the Czech Republic within the secured premises of Aircraft service Klatovy; not accessible by the public.

Pink Aviation Services has been supporting military needs for decades; been offering facilities and experience for military training camps around the world.

Aircraft Service Klatovy maintains a private fleet of Skyvans in its 1000 m2 facility located on the field. Additionally, Aircraft Service Klatovy specializes in superior-grade maintenance of Skyvans, including airframe/powerplant life extension modification, engine hot section inspection, upgrades and unique equipment installation complete with required engineering design and documentation services.

To meet the demands of Special Forces, Military and equipment developers, ATTC specifically designed and constructed the 300 m3 Aviation & Tactical Training Center. 

Staff and equipment as well as skills, experience and know-how is readily available and on hand.

Any part or all of ATTC is available for lease for any time period required by our clients.

You, as the person responsible for planning, instruction and/or development of military capabilities need to inspect and see the resources available at your disposal.

Please use this website for further detailed information you may require. If there are any more specific questions, call any time.


Thomas Lewetz +43.664.338 6666

Christian "Wuzi" Wagner +43.676.6666 338

Petr Hlavaceck +420.602.488 588

or e-mail to



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